Orkater is an Amsterdam-based company that operates nationally, making contemporary music-theatre. Orkater is a hybrid of the words orchestra and theatre. Theatre which has music in its DNA, made by engaged, original, empassioned makers. Orkater seeks to be ground-breaking, with its diverse and inclusive pool of makers who fizz with energy and creativity.

Orkater is the off-shoot of Hauser Orkater, a company that between 1972 and 1980 created its own unique form of music-theatre which had an immediate appeal to its audiences and drew acclaim from the press. Orkater’s productions have been extensively toured both nationally and internationally, playing in small and large theatres and repeatedly at summer festivals. Stand-out productions of recent years include: Woiski vs. Woiski, Lost in the Greenhouse, The Blackout of ‘77, ILIAD, Lost Tango and Alles komt Goed (based on Camus’ The Plague).

The following shows are consider to be Orkater ‘classics’: Richard III, Left at the Canal, 237 Reasons for Sex, A bebop story, Lutine.

Orkater productions are energetic, musical, performative, collage-style shows created by a variety of makers. They reflect and question the times in which we live, each in its own way. The company coordinates, contrasts or connects its work. While the shows are always different, their ‘in your face’ content and high musical values always give them a strong Orkater signature.

Orkater is a collective of makers that – thanks partly to its successful talent development strand Orkater/De Nieuwkomers – stays innovative and youthful in an organic way. For more information about Orkater/De Nieuwkomers, click here.

Shows are made by (in alphabetical order): Belle van Heerikhuizen, Dionne Verwey, Erik van der Horst, Esther Duysker, Floor Houwink ten Cate, Francesca Pichel, Geert Lageveen, Gery Mendes, Jip van den Dool, Jochem van Laarhoven, Leopold Witte, Matthijs van de Sande Bakhuyzen, Mattias Van De Vijver, Micha Hamel, Michiel Voet, Nita Kersten, Reinout Scholten van Aschat, Ria Marks, Ruben Wijnstok, Titus Tiel Groenestege and Viktor Griffioen.

The current batch of Newcomers are: More Dogs, Konvooi and Simme&Jasper.