“The most piquant piece of dance filmmaking in the 2006 festival is an hourlong Dutch effort called “Vase Wals”(False Waltz), which, having first been submitted to the Film Society, is not eligible. Directed by Mark de Cloe and starring two frequent collaborators in Dutch dance theatre, Ria Marks and Titus Tiel Groenestege, Valse Wals is in three acts; the couple meeting in a rough bar with their attraction enacted in sometimes violent, always impassioned dance; in midlife, sprawled on a couch watching television and swigging beer, with all the frustrations and fantasies that marriage entails; and most movingly, the two hunched and aged, wandering the city like Beckett clowns, losing and finding each other, then magically floating through the nighttime streets on a bed. It’s lovely, but it won’t win the prize.”